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viernes, 17 de abril de 2009


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Courage To Grow by REBELUTION

martes, 7 de abril de 2009

Rebelution Members:

Matt Velasquez - Vocals/Guitar

Eric Rachmany - Vocals/Guitar

Marley Williams - Bass

Wesley Finley - Drums

Rory Carey - Keyboards

"Rebelution’s first full-length album has arrived. This month, the Santa Barbara-based band hands over the reggae/hip-hop/rock sound that has captured the upbeat energy fans have long been jamming to at live shows. And with the band’s compass pointed to the bold independence of the soul, now the group’s energy is organized. Rebelution’s new release embraces the love jam, “Ordinary Girl,” and preserves the fan favorite sing-a-longs, “Safe and Sound” and “Attention Span.” With loyal groupies at their back, Rebelution’s sound is confident. The result is the delivery of a lion-hearted package tied with a rebellious reggae-rock bow.

que tal hermanos CabezasNegras,
aki regresando con un aporte,
despues de aver formateado mi makina debido a los virus,
ya regresaremos con mas musica por compartir.
jah bless